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Unless I'm wrong about this, the TGP is not quite the game-changer at night that it is in daylight. It's worth carrying Mavericks just for the IR. › wiki › Targeting_pod.

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By Gorisar - 02:02
Targeting pods are target designation tools used by ground-attack aircraft for identifying targets infra-red (FLIR) to aid in locating and identifying targets in darkness. Such systems are sometimes called infrared search and track sensors.
By Vojora - 17:53
Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night, or LANTIRN, is a combined navigation and targeting pod system for use on the USAF's premier fighter.
By Gall - 06:07
For Avionics/Space. Korean Fighter Electro-Optical Targeting Pod (KFX EO TGP) Korean Utility Helicopter (Surion) Forward Looking Infrared (KUH FLIR).
By Bajas - 20:56
TGP Standby Page From the TGP mode STBY OSB, you may access the Standby page. Upon activation of Designator Selection (LSR/IR/BTH), rotary OSB 7.

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